Shirley Valentine and the “Mid-Life Mirror”  

One of the most dominant patterns in divorce over the last decade in England and Wales has been that of mid-life marital breakdown. Whilst they may not account for the bulk of all divorces, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that husbands and wives aged 50 and over have been parting in […]

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  Law Courts, Cohabitees and Clarity  

Recent decades have seen tremendous upheaval in British family life. Without doubt, the most significant has been the growth in the number of couples who choose to live together without marrying. Whilst individuals in such partnership would have been stigmatised by previous generations for whom marriage was the only domestic arrangement which mattered, it’s not […]

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  CPS Prosecuting More Cases of Domestic Abuse  

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is now prosecuting more cases of domestic violence than it ever has before, according to its latest report. Over 100,000 prosecutions were brought to the CPS in 2015-2016 resulting in 75,325 convictions. Coming Forward Sadly, many victims of domestic violence do not report their abuse. Despite the success of the […]

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