Spouses, Separation and More Momentum for ‘No-Fault’ Divorces  

Published on 30 July, 2018 | James Brown

James Brown

Marriage is a partnership which depends on both those involved being committed to making it work, regardless of their respective contributions. Over the course of their time together, many spouses experience ups and downs. Problems with jobs, children and finances can all, in fact, give rise to doubts about whether a relationship will survive into […]

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  Perception, Reality, Maintenance and Divorce  

Published on 18 July, 2018 | Andrew Newbury


The vast majority of divorces with which I’ve been involved over the course of my 27-year career as a family lawyer are resolved in relatively amicable fashion. Although many marriages end in disagreement of some sort, the main point of contention is often the issue of providing ongoing financial support to a former spouse. The […]

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  Putting Families First  

Published on 06 July, 2018 | Sam Hall

Sam Hall - Hall Brown Family Law

As Family lawyers, our every action is guided by one simple premise: the best interests of the families that we represent. Whether we’re acting on behalf of divorcing spouses, single parents or larger and more complex household environments, we are committed to doing our best to resolve the issues with which we’re confronted as swiftly […]

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  Feel The Noize: Civil Liberties, Marriage and Demands for Change  

Published on 02 July, 2018 | James Brown

James Brown

Readers of this article may consider themselves rather fortunate to live at a time when much of life is rather much easier than for our forebears. In fact, such has been the pace of change of late that things which were regarded as essentials not too many years ago seem almost ancient and incompatible with […]

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  Hall Brown Charity Effort Secures Sponsorship Award  

Published on 22 June, 2018 | Misc

10k 2018

The commitment of one of Manchester’s most successful new law firms to the local community has earned it a charity fundraising award. Hall Brown Family Law has been recognised by the Forever Manchester charity for raising £3,500 on its behalf by participating in the Great Manchester Run. That total meant that the 18-strong team who […]

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  Hall Brown Cements Place Among UK’s Family Law Elite  

Published on 21 June, 2018 | James Brown/Sam Hall

Resized_Photo Ship Canal

The founders of one of the North West’s youngest and most dynamic law firms have spoken of their pride at cementing a place among the UK’s very best family specialists. Hall Brown Family Law remains the only boutique firm outside London on the annual list of Britain’s leading family lawyers published by eprivateclient ( Managing […]

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  Kick-Off: Will Wrangling Over The Remote Ruin Marriages This Summer?  

Published on 18 June, 2018 | Sam Hall

Sam Hall - Hall Brown Family Law

In many years, the prospect of a royal wedding would be the televisual high-point for millions of British households. However, it’s likely that the May nuptials which transformed the actress Meghan Markle into the Duchess of Sussex won’t be as watched or as talked about as what’s on our screens over the course of the […]

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  Still ‘Mr and Mrs’? China Launches Divorce Quiz to Save Marriages  

Published on 07 June, 2018 | Emma Godefroy

EG 5A2A3479

Individuals of a certain age and fans of daytime television may recall a television show which subtly illustrated the strengths of the nation’s marriages. Although introduced by theme tune urging couples to “be nice to each other”, ‘Mr & Mrs’ often inadvertently revealed tensions in the relationships of the spouses who took part. The aim […]

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  Love and Limits  

Published on 04 June, 2018 | Ellen Walker


More than 300 years have passed since the poet Alexander Pope wrote about the divine qualities of forgiveness. Being able to overlook someone else’s foibles or failings is, of course, an essential element of maintaining long relationships. However, many individuals find that their reserves of tolerance and understanding can be exhausted over time. As I’ve […]

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  Break Point: Boris Becker, Bankruptcy and Divorce  

Published on 01 June, 2018 | Alice Couriel


Fame has a way of skewing the public’s perception of those individuals fortunate enough to achieve prominence and success. The reality is, however, that whatever their field of expertise – be it business, the arts or sciences or elite level sport – they have many of the same difficulties as the rest of us. All […]

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