(Multiple) Affairs of the Heart  

Published on 24 October, 2017 | Abigail Lowther

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It is often said that technology is a great facilitator and it is true that the advances of the last three decades have – literally – put rich potential in the palms of our hands. However, while shopping, working and keeping in touch with friends and family might not necessarily leave those hands idle, some […]

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  Taped: Parental Disputes and Covert Recordings  

Published on 21 October, 2017 | Katie Dillon

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Social media is generally thought to be a boon. It has enabled friends, family and colleagues living great distances apart to keep in touch and, in fact, helped put individuals who’d lost contact back together. There are critics, however, who argue that one of the consequences of the volume and type of material shared via […]

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  Wealth, Divorce and Delays  

Published on 19 October, 2017 | Sam Hall

Sam Hall - Hall Brown Family Law

In 1964, the then Leader of the Opposition, Harold Wilson (later, of course, to serve two terms as British Prime Minister), is said to have coined a very famous phrase about a week being “a long time in politics”. The point that he was trying to make, as his party’s – and, indeed, his own – […]

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  Making a Mark  

Published on 13 October, 2017 | James Brown/Sam Hall

James and Sam

When Hall Brown Family Law was first established, we intended to provide clients with the very best service possible, no matter what specific situation they might require our help with. Over the course of the intervening 18 months, we have assembled an extremely experienced and capable team of lawyers to enable us to live up […]

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  Legal Aid and Abandonment: Grounds for Divorce  

Published on 09 October, 2017 | James Brown

James Brown

You might be forgiven for thinking that because every single divorce in England and Wales over the last four decades has been governed by the same piece of legislation that the process is rather prescriptive. In reality, it is anything but. Apart from the fact that each divorce must abide by two central principles – […]

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  Watching The Detectives…Going Out Of Fashion  

Published on 08 October, 2017 | Alice Couriel


It is a plot familiar to many movies and novels: a spouse determined to prove their partner’s infidelity hires a private detective to come up with the evidence. Not so long ago, of course, such a turn of events was not merely the stuff of fiction but many a court case in this country. In […]

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  Seconds Out: Reconciliation and Divorce  

Published on 26 September, 2017 | Katie Dillon

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Regardless of the immediate cause of a marital break-up, divorce is seldom something embarked upon on a whim. Quite often, in my experience, couples even in what might be regarded as deeply troubled relationships do their level best to overcome their difficulties and make their marriages work. Ultimately, though, certain issues prove impossible to deal […]

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  I’m Sorry: Marital Collapse and Contrition  

Published on 25 September, 2017 | Abigail Lowther

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Over the course of centuries, upsetting personal circumstances have proven to be the inspiration for lots of great art. And, in sitting down to write this ‘blog, I find myself unable to screen out the strains of one of Sir Elton John’s best-known ballads. “Sorry”, you may recall him singing, “seems to be the hardest […]

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  Kids, Courts and Caution: New Rules on Parental Contact and “Abuse”  

Published on 19 September, 2017 | Katie Dillon

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Breaking-up is never an easy process for adults in a relationship. However, the potential for distress is magnified when there are children to take into account. In the vast majority of cases, parents manage to handle their separation in the sort of reasonable fashion which minimises upset and provides arrangements in which both mothers and […]

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  Clocking Into Work and Clocking Out of Marriage? Shift Work and Divorce  

Published on 04 September, 2017 | Claire Reid


One piece of advice commonly offered to staff in a wide range of businesses is “not to take your work home with you”. The guidance is intended to prevent individuals whose office hours might be filled with relatively stressful tasks not being entirely able to switch off when they clock out and head back to […]

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